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Dave Chaffee

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    28-05-2800 Comments: 0

    This is a very hard question to answer with an objective judgement. In fact this has always been a hard question but today when the athletes are limited to compete only for the organisations that they have contract,it became even harder to answer.

  • Krasimir Kostadinov: "I struggle every day!”

    28-05-2015 Comments: 0

    How does World and European champion, the star of "The Kanadskaya Borba" from Bulgaria, European and world top in the category of up to 100 kilograms Krasimir Kostadinov lives by armwrestling?

  • Will Aleksey Voevoda become the Best again?

    28-05-2015 Comments: 0

    Aleksey Voevoda and Gary Goodridge are the best superheavyweight armwrestlers that I have ever seen. They have similar stories.

  • Professional Future of Armwrestling - by Engin Terzi

    28-05-2015 Comments: 0

    It will be a pity if we dont get to see the EAST vs WEST challenges anymore esspecially now when Alexy Voevoda is getting ready for a comeback and Ferit is planning to retire from amateur armwrestling to pull only pro events.

  • Vendetta – a bloodless war

    28-05-8400 Comments: 0

    April Vendetta still hasn't got an opponent for Andrey Pushkar.

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