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Dave Chaffee

  • Left and right hand Preffered hand
  • country flag United States Country






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  • Levan Saginashvili – being his own coach

    09-02-2016 Comments: 0

    In 2014 he made a huge impression in superheavyweight and won gold at the World Championships in Vilnius. What is he doing these days?

  • XIV ZŁOTY TUR CUP - The Russian – American war was the salt of ...

    09-02-2016 Comments: 0

    Nemiroff World Cup 2013 left great memories and impressions. The first week of the Professionals’ World Cup might have been nit very eventful, and Tsyplenkov’s victory was no surprise to anyone, but the second day and its’ fights in right arm were a complete shock to almost everyone.

  • Ferit Osmanli: return of the legend

    09-02-2016 Comments: 0

    When Ferit's hook returns, it would mean trouble, especially for toprollers, and hook fighters will have to train much harder.

  • Todd vs Pushkar

    09-02-2016 Comments: 0

    When the ref will say GO there will be an unbelievably strong hit by Pushkar and a rock solid blocking move by Michael Todd.

  • After this year's A1 fights

    09-02-2016 Comments: 0

    Pushkar dominated in OPEN, Chaffee had his moment, Murat Karaev surprised Todd with his speed.

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