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Derevianenko Andrii

  • Left and right hand Preffered hand
  • country flag Ukraine Country





  • Nemiroff 2011 - Right Hand Results

    22-07-2017 Comments: 0

    In this news we will publish results from right hand Nemiroff 2011. SENIOR MEN RIGHT 63KG1. JUSSUPOV, MAMED KAZAKHSTAN (7964)2. MALAS, SŁAWOMIR POLAND (7923)3. BORLAKOV, MURAT RUSSIA (7992)4. KNOWLES, BARRY UNITED KINGDOM ...

  • Nemiroff 2011 - left hand results

    22-07-5539 Comments: 1

    Final results of left hand: F - Final bez porazki A - polfinal z grupy A B - polfinal z grupy B SENIOR MEN LEFT 63KG1. JUSSUPOV, KRUBIN KAZAKHSTAN (7964)2. BORLAKOV, MURAT RUSSIA (7992)3. MALAS, SŁAWOMIR POLAND (7923)4. ...