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Peter Kasan

  • Left and right hand Preffered hand
  • country flag Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Country





  • I can fight anyone when I’m in shape

    27-06-2000 Comments: 0

    Lubomir Jagnesak hopes that soon he will be able to show his form in tournament.

  • Nemiroff 2011 - Right Hand Results

    27-06-2017 Comments: 0

    In this news we will publish results from right hand Nemiroff 2011. SENIOR MEN RIGHT 63KG1. JUSSUPOV, MAMED KAZAKHSTAN (7964)2. MALAS, SŁAWOMIR POLAND (7923)3. BORLAKOV, MURAT RUSSIA (7992)4. KNOWLES, BARRY UNITED KINGDOM ...

  • Lubomir Jagnesak – a specjal intervwiew

    27-06-2017 Comments: 0

    When a few years ago someone asked about competitors of the Slovakian armwrestling there was just one name – Jan Germanus. Now, apart from Janek the icon of the Slovakian armwrestling is also Lubomir Jagnesak from the ...

  • How does L. Jagnesak train?

    27-06-2017 Comments: 0

    Yesterday (February 15th, 2011) Gdynia sports Golden Bison club was visited by multiple World and European Champion, a leading player of the Slovakian representation  - Lubomir Jagnesak. During the visit, ...

  • World Championships - Defeats and Victories (column)

    27-06-2017 Comments: 0

    Any event of this kind leave traces in our souls, and much more. Typically, each year we experiment and do not know what we want, what we expect. Frankly speaking, this experiment has been going on for too long (32 years). But ...