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Peter Spusta

  • Left and right hand Preffered hand
  • country flag Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Country

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  • Senec Hand 2012 results

    28-03-1399 Comments: 0

    All results from Senec Hand 2012

  • World Championships - Defeats and Victories (column)

    28-03-2017 Comments: 0

    Any event of this kind leave traces in our souls, and much more. Typically, each year we experiment and do not know what we want, what we expect. Frankly speaking, this experiment has been going on for too long (32 years). But ...

  • Glowacki Polish Fighter at World Championships 2009

    28-03-2017 Comments: 0

    As at all kinds of tournaments the audience attention is mostly focused on seniors fights. And when the ones who fight are the competitors of the heaviest category, the direct observers of the fight began to liven up. That is how ...