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Plamen Bambov

  • Left and right hand Preffered hand
  • country flag Bulgaria Country




  • The Poles in Bulgarian League

    20-07-2017 Comments: 0

    On the 17th July 2010 in a well know Bulgarian watering place Sunny Coast more precisely in a five-star hotel Chika Beach in Bulgaria the 4th (beginning at 10:30 Bulgarian time) and 5th edition (beginning at 01:30 Bulgarian time) ...

  • PAL Bulgaria - I round 2010

    20-07-2017 Comments: 0

    At 4.05.2010 in the showroom of „Ford Moto-Pfohe” in Sofia, was lead the I Round of The Professional Armwrestling League 2010. The races were very disputed and the Vice-European Champion Stefan Lengarov ...