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Steve Rau

  • Left and right hand Preffered hand
  • country flag United States Country


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  • With Brutality: Stanaway Strong-Arming Life at 72

    26-06-2017 Comments: 0

    With Brutality: Stanaway Strong-Arming Life at 72 By: James Retarides

  • Steve Baillargeon taught him how to fight

    26-06-2017 Comments: 0

    He beat both brothers Brzenk in 1998 in Curacao. Soon he’ll fight in TOP 16.


    26-06-2017 Comments: 0

    It was GREAT to have the Irish Lads involved in the event & I'd been excited to see how they would fair with so much natural strength. - Neil Pickup

  • World Championships - Defeats and Victories (column)

    26-06-2017 Comments: 0

    Any event of this kind leave traces in our souls, and much more. Typically, each year we experiment and do not know what we want, what we expect. Frankly speaking, this experiment has been going on for too long (32 years). But ...

  • The Pole Second in the USA

    26-06-2017 Comments: 0

    On the 20th of March 2010 in Pennsylvania  the 7th Annual PA Winter Blast Armwrestling Tournament took place, As it turned out the tournaments were very popular. 100 strongmen who compete in amateur and professional classes ...