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Zaur Saitov

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  • Poles at Zloty Tur - the Bartosiewicz brothers

    25-07-2017 Comments: 0

    Two brothers, representing Poland, started at Zloty Tur. They both fought in the same weight class – 78 kg. And so, in one article, we have two separate interviews:)

  • After Zloty Tur, part 2

    25-07-2017 Comments: 0

    We continue to review matches of Zloty Tur-2016. What awaited us in the weight categories of 78 kg, 86 kg and 95 kg?

  • Zloty Tur-2016: left hand results

    25-07-2017 Comments: 0

    Zloty Tur-2016 left hand results

  • Zloty Tur-2016. Тоp-3

    25-07-2017 Comments: 0

    Zloty Tur Top-3 left hand results.

  • This year’s Zloty Tur was a great show

    25-07-2017 Comments: 0

    With left arm it was interesting to see Mazhgan Shamiev to flash pin Oleg Zhokh. In 86kg we all expected Ongarbayev of Kazakhstan to surprise Zoloev but Zoloev was clearly better than Ongarbayev. Superheavyweight class was dominated by Pushkar

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