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Armwrestling which is a combination of words “wrestle” and “arm”, and means wrestling using arms only. In the US the name „wrist wrestling” was also used. Currently the name Armwrestling is universal and used on every continent.



What is Armwrestling

Armwrestling is a fighting sport of the “one to one” formula.
Two male or female players fight standing at the special table. Elbows of the players are based on armrests. Wins the one who presses opponent’s arm (hand) to the table pad.


Armwrestling is not an Olympic sport, but it has organizational structures (The World and European Federation and National Associations). It is practiced professionally and amateurishly, however professional cannot take part in amateur competitions.

In Armwrestling weight classes take effect, professional duels are also fought off in open class. Men and women compete separately. Division into age classes and separate debutant competitions are also applied.

Armwrestling take place on both arms or (some professional events and ranking fights) once on right and once on the left arm. In prevents disproportionate muscles and figure development. Moreover, it is not a sport - as many people think – developing arms only. Training and fighting at the table involves the whole body, each muscle group from feet to the neck. Besides it is enough to take a look at the figures of players’ who have been training for several years.


A little bit of the history

When did Armwrestling came into being? From the point of view of both a historian and a sociologist the answer is easy. The historian would point out the first substantial table, which was essential for the first duel on arms. The sociologist would say, that arm fights must have been promoted by a reasonable ruler, who found in the sport a chance of bloodless rivalry of the youth. Evidences such as paintings (bas-relieves, rites, pictures) proving that armwrestling had no borders may be found all over the world.

We can certainly relate the basics of armwrestling with some occupational groups. The example may be sailors, who due to spending months together, on limited area, found armwrestling to be a kind of entertainment. At the same time, the features of the sailors of the sailing ships are shoulders and backs strength – essential for climbing rigging made them forerunners of the art. The second occupational group, whose features and skills fit armwrestling perfectly are … woodcutters. In modern ages significant arm strength distinguishes blacksmiths.

Recently Professional Armwrestling demands specialist training however as well computer scientists as construction workers - everyone take part in it!


Anyone can practice Armwrestling!

A huge rump card of armwrestling, as a sports discipline is that it can also be practiced by disabled. Those players compete against each other but many of them also successfully take part in tournaments for adroit players.




The main national tournaments in Poland are the Polish Championships, the Polish Cup. There are also many other periodic events. Polish representatives take part in European and World Championships.

The main Professional tournament taking place in Poland is the Professional’s World Cup.