Armfight #44: Vazgen Soghoyan >>>

Armfight #44: Vazgen Soghoyan # Armwrestling #

At the upcoming Vendetta in Vegas he will face Corey Miller from USA in cat. welterweight, 70 kg.


Recently we had a chance to see this fighter, when he fought Chris Gobby from Canada at armfight #43. Vazgen Soghoyan warned back then, that he will not be an easy opponent. And he wasn't. They met in welterweight, 70 kg, where Vazghen won 5:1.

This time Soghoyan will face Corey Miller from USA, also in 70 kg.

Those two have met before at other tournaments, and the results were varied – says Igor Mazurenko, organizer of Vendetta in Vegas. - So to decide once and for all, they will go six rounds in right arm.

Vazghen is right – handed and fights with right arm only. He says it himself that it is his main weapon. He started armwrestlig in 1997, when he was living in Yerevan, Armenia.

I was number one in my catgory in my country, multiple champion and winner of many tournaments – says Vazghen. - in 2006 a lot has changed, after I moved to USA. Since then I also won national championships here avery year, I am a mamber of the national team, won many Arnold Classic Armwrestling Tournaments and Ultimate Armwrestlig Tournaments, and many other championships in USA.

Vazghen is three-times World Champion, and two-times European Champion. Every year he receives the award of best Armenian sportsman of the year in USA. He majored in history and archeology.

At the upcoming Vendetta in Vegas he will face Corey Miller from USA in cat. welterweight, 70 kg.

I got back from the Worlds and I have 2,5 weeks to prepare for the Vendetta – Armfight #44 – says Vazghen. - I usually need more training for a fight like this, but I think I will make it anyway. My training system will be the same as for Worlds, I will just add in a little experience from the Worlds. I don't think I need to work on anything new for Miller. He's very strong, I know that. But my program is almost perfect, all I could use is more time. I have to work on my speed a little bit. It would be great to have a sparring partner with parameters and technique like Miller, but I think he would like that too.

Despite time being against him, Vazghen thinks it will be a great fight.

We are good buddies with Corey – says Soghoyan. - Outside armwrestlig we sometimes call each other and talk about things outside the sport. We will remain friends, no matter ahat the score of the fight will be.

Armfight #44 will take place on 24th October in Las Vegas, on one of the scenes at Fremont Street. There will also be a TV broadcast in CBS Sport Network.


Iza Małkowska