Kostadinov vs Bresnan – are we up for an epic figth? >>>

Kostadinov vs Bresnan – are we up for an epic figth? # Armwrestling # Armpower.net

Engin Terzi's forecast for the bout at armfight #44 w Vegas.


Krasimir is a candidate to be a future legend in our sport. He has been dominating Waf Worlds for so many years already. His powerful hook & side pressure makes him a nightmare for his opponents and esspecially for the toprollers. Krasimir is set to pull against one of the best super heavyweights in the world, Tim Bresnan of USA, on october 24. in Las Vegas.

This is one of the best match ups that i have ever seen. Tim has done great things against the best pullers in the world with his unique style. He has a powerful wrist and pronator strength and he is able to apply a powerful drag hook as well.

It is very hard to predict the outcome as Krasimir's hooking ability and Tim's pronation strength are both known as some of the best ones ìn the world and these mentioned ones are the key points to win the matches. But even if Tim can not toproll Krasimir Tim will still have chance to win the match as his pronator is solid even in defensive way as a block against his opponent's wrist. And this allows him to apply an effective side move and even a drag hook.

I am expecting the match to stop somewhere at the neutral beginning position to winning side of Tim. If it stops somewhere that Krasimir can apply his side pressure thathis chance of winning the round is good,but if it stops somewhere that his hand is away from his shoulder then he most likely will not be able to win the round.

I expect the beginning of this match to be similar to Arsen vs Krasimir matches but Arsen is mostly about explosiveness while Tim is a solid puller who can effectively pull even the match is stopped somewhere as long as he is not in a bad position.

So basically i believe that if the match stops somewhere near to the pin pad of Tim's winning side then Tim wins, but if it stops at the neutral beginning position of the match then i believe that Krasimir has higher chance to win. And if the match stops somewhere in between of these two mentioned points then the chances are equal in my opinion. As we all know that Krasimir also has a decent toprolling ability and he has used this ability effectivelly in some unexpected times. Last time i saw him applying this was against the Persian puller Mehdi Abdolvand and he applied it very succesfully.

So i am guessing Krasimir to keep his outside option somewhere in his mind if inside move does not work. But i believe that his toproll option will result with strap and in strap the toproll try by Krasimir will be an ineffective movement against Tim. My guess is that Krasimir will slip and try to hook Tim in strap. Then the horse power of the athletes will say the last word. My score prediction is 4-2 for Tim or 3-3.

As i mentioned at the begining of my article that this is one of the best supermatches that i have ever seen and i hope that it will be as exciting as it seems now. Good luck to both athletes!


Engin Terzi