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New PAL weight category # Armwrestling #

Changes in PAL. Women will now be allowed to fight in 57 kg category. This was not possible for many years.


57 kg is a new weight category for women, that PAL has implemented as a result of observations of the armwrestling “market”. So far, women could fight in 52, 65 and 65 + kg categories.

- There’s too much of a gap between 52 and 65 kg – says Igor Mazurenko from PAL. – For a few years now we have been hearing voices from around the world that women would like to fight, but the weight difference was too crushing.

The problem with the categories has its particular origins. At the beginnings of Zloty Tur there were not many ladies willing to fight, to create special categories for them. But with time, interest in women armwrestling has grown. Changes are necessary.

- Female armwrestling differs from male, it’s a completely different approach to training, to planning – says Mazurenko. – Women were always treated as a secondary category, also in terms of prizes. Men always get twice the prizes at tournaments that women do, which is not fair. Zloty Tur treats both men and women equally.


Women will be able to enter the new weight category – 57 kg – on 21-22 November 2015, during the XII edition of the Professionals’ World Cup - ZLOTY TUR WORLD CUP – Rumia 2015.