Denis Cyplenkov in a PAL professional fight! >>>

Denis Cyplenkov in a PAL professional fight! # Armwrestling #

After a long break from PAL, Denis Tsyplenkov is coming back to the table. We will see him in the upcoming Vendetta.


After a long break in cooperation with PAL, we will again see one of the world's top armwrestlers at the table.

This is great news for Denis Tsyplenkov's fans. We will see him fight on 16th July, during armfight #46 - Vendetta in Rhode Island. We cannot yet reveal to you the identity of his opponent, but we guarantee great emotions - said Igor Mazurenko, organizer of Vendettas in Vegas.

Tsyplenkov is one of the most recognizable armwrestlers in the world, and not only in the armwrestling circles.

We haven't seen him lately at PAL tournaments, but he fought in A1; for the last time in 2014. After the money prize scandal he hasn't competed in A1 again.

He is profficient in many power sports. He benches over 270 kg, and has a record in bicep curling with two arms – 140 kg.

His return generates a lot of interest in armfight#46. Armwrestling fans often talked about their wish to see him again at the table.

Tsyplenkov fought for the professional PAL title for the first time in 2008. He beat Andrey Pushkar easily, 6:0. Next year he's lost to John Brzenk in right arm.

In 2010 he's won double gold in the Professionals' World Cup, both in left and right arm.

In 2011 he's won first place in right arm (Andrey Pushkar bested him in left), and in 2013 he hasn't entered the OPEN after a heavy fight with Dave Chaffee.

How will he do this time? He is one of the world's strongest armwrestlers. Fans are due for a lot of excitement.


Vendetta in Rhode Island – armfight #46 will take place on 16th July in Twin River Casino, Lincoln, Rhode Island.