Dmitry Silaev: results of the year >>>

Dmitry Silaev: results of the year # Armwrestling #

For Dmitry Silaev 2016 was rich in events.


Despite the fact that Dmitry was unable to take part at the European Championships and the Zloty Tur, he participated in professional event Vendetta in Vegas and pulled at the World Championships in Bulgaria:

"This year for me, for example, was stable. Of course, this year I have experienced some difficulties. When you face with difficulties, you have to find ways to solve them, there is always something to strive for".

Dmitry became a part of the key events in armwrestling 2016, but for himself, he highlighted the main achievements and spoke about disappointments:

"This year, the biggest achievement for me was to be selected to the national team and successfully pull at the Worlds. European Championship I was forced to miss. I pulled badly in my first armfight. I hope to gain this year and show a better result".

But there was a thing in 2016 that made Worlds not very happy foe Dmitry – an injury. This injury was \ the reason that we did not see Dima’s fighs on Zloty Tur:

"As such, I did not have the success of this year, compared to the previous year. But the failure of the year is an injury that I got at the World Championship. Because of this injury, I could not take part in the Zloty Tur and I was disappointed and forced to watch this beautiful event via a monitor".

As far as we know, Dmitrys injury is almost cured, and it means that in the sports season 2017, we once again will see performances and wins of this talented athlete. The New Year has come and Dima have some wishes:

"I wish that in 2017 all of my colleagues and friends will be successful and reached a new level, not only in armwrestling, but also in their professional career and life. Strong families to be born, and then this year will be a wonderful for us. Happy New Year, friends!".

Dmitry Silaev is constantly progressing, and in view of the experience he gained last year, we are sure - the results in 2017 will be high. Stay with us and stay tuned to