Expert's answers: Vyacheslav Karpov >>>

Expert's answers: Vyacheslav Karpov # Armwrestling #

Recently, we published an interview with a Russian athlete and concurrently a vascular surgeon Vyacheslav Karpov. We also invited you, readers, to ask Vyacheslav the questions you are interested in.


Vyacheslav answered the questions because of his understanding of the problem: “I do not pretend to the truth in the last resort. I ask the readers to be sympathetic", – he said.

Alexander Alexandrin: Styloiditis. Half a year, both wrists hurt, I did not do training. It appeared after sparring, the rival in the hook twisted me so that the flexibility was not enough for such a supination. I had a course of treatment, but the pain does not pass. Maybe it's normal, a friend said that a year and a half will hurt. Another friend that all life it will crackle. What to do: how to restore the wrist, otherwise it turns out that by doing armwrestling for strengthening hands, I only loosened them so that I can not hold anything except fork.

Vyacheslav Karpov: It is necessary to understand that styloiditis is one of the types of inflammatory-dystrophic process, which is characterized by damage to the wrist joints. There is a styloid of the radius in the place of fixation of the tendon to the styloid process of the radial or ulnar bone. I understand, the acute phase has passed, the treatment has been carried out. Now you need to move on: a good warm-up, you can use warming up ointments (nicoflex, for example), while, I think, avoid extreme loads, dynamics with light weights. It is appropriate to take preparations of chondroitin and glucosamine. Alexander, if the pain does not pass, training "through the pain" is not necessary. As the pain goes away, start practicing, better under the guidance of an armwrestling coach, then you will definitely strengthen your hands.

David Shamey: A typical question: is it dangerous to exercise through pain in the attachment points of tendons, to be tolerate to the last, and rest only after the competition?

Vyachslau Karpov: David, I am convinced, it is absolutely not necessary to train through pain. This does not mean that you need to work "idle". Fatigue must be physiological!

Alexander Mishchenko: How and what is the right way to lose weight to the competition without losing strength and with the ability to recover in a day?

Vyacheslav Karpov: Alexander, I never lost weight, always pulled in superheavyweight classes. I think that weight gain is harmful to the body. You’d better fight in your weight category. Understand, sport is for you, and not vice versa.

Valera Student: Why do some wrists and elbows crackles, but others do not? The food is approximately the same.

Vyacheslav Karpov: Valera, the crackles is the first sign of arthrosis. This, I think, is the answer to your question.

Anton Sorokuptsov: It crunches around the elbow when I supinate wrist. Is this normal? I don’t feel discomfort.

Vyacheslav Karpov: Anton, a crunch at the elbow with supination - is not normal, you’d better visit the orthopedist.

Good luck to all! With best regards, Vyacheslav Karpov!

We are grateful to Vyacheslav for fruitful cooperation and invite you to continue asking questions of interest. On the most interesting of them, we'll try to find the answer!