Swedish team is ready for the Championship! >>>

Swedish team is ready for the Championship! # Armwrestling # Armpower.net

We have two weeks to a great meeting in Katowice (Poland). How are other national teams prepared? We asked Anders Axklo…


How many athletes will be in your team? How many girls / women?

Anders Axklo: The swedish team will be 30-35 athletes, and another 10-15 supporting, 15 of this are ladies, both junior, senior and masters.

Will you beat the 2016 team score?

Anders Axklo: Of course we always aim to improve, this years team scores I think will be set by medals only, so it will not be comparable to the earlier numbers.

Who do you count on?

Anders Axklo: I expect everybody to leave their hearts on the table, and if they do tht, we will celebrate them, whatever the placing, medals or result.

Have you been in Katowice?

Anders Axklo: No, Katowice is new to me, but the Polish federation and the Mazurenko team are for me a guarantee of a fantastic championship. I am usually very busy with the championship, seeing Katowice itself will have to be some other time.

Thank you and see you in Poland!