Europeans review: light heavyweights >>>

Europeans review: light heavyweights # Armwrestling #

Obviously, the highlight of the program of the European Championship-2017 will be weight categories of 85 kg and 90 kg. What will the light-heavyweight athletes show us?


Senior Men 85 kg

The current champion on the left hand: Sasho Andreev (Bulgaria)

The current champion on the right hand: Sasho Andreev (Bulgaria)

The current absolute champion of Europe Sasho Andreev in this season is likely to fight in weight to 90 kg, so the titles of champion will be vacant. There are enough strong and talented sportsmen in this category, but there are obvious favorites, both left and right, and it will be extremely hard for them to protect their gold. On the left hand such a favorite is Oleg Zhokh from Ukraine. In whatever category Oleg has pulled in the past few years, he always takes the gold medal, probably, this time it will be same. On the right hand, Hadzhimurat Zoloev from Russia is also the clear favorite. Khadzhimurat took gold at international competitions in all categories in which he participated. This year in the national championship he was eliminated in the category of 85 kg, in this category we have not Khadzhimurat yet seen at the European championships, but in whatever weight he did not perform, he will always be a favorite. It is worth noting the newcomer of this category, the current champion in the category of up to 80 kg Oguzhan Kocak, which shows very serious progress every year. Perhaps, Oguzhan will be able to give fight to Khadzhimurat, and this will already be a success.

Senior Men 90 kg

The current champion on the left hand: Irakli Gamtenadze (Georgia)

The current champion on the right hand: Irakli Gamtenadze (Georgia)

The category up to 90 kg is one of the most anticipated in the upcoming championship. Irakli Gamtenadze will protect his title and it will not be easy for him. Such athletes as Sasho Andreev and Evgeny Prudnik, perhaps Spartak Zoloyev and Alan Makeev, Jordan Tsonev and others will compete for the champion's place. Evgeniy Prudnik gradually regains his form after injury and, as he claimed, in 2017 he intends to pull at all major tournaments and show the maximum result. Forecasting Sasho Andreev is very difficult in general, this athlete surprises with each of his performances. Recently we saw how Krasimir Kostadinov cope with him with great efforts. Only Sasho knows what he prepared for his rivals. Spartak Zoloyev and Alan Makeyev are those athletes who will undoubtedly claim to win. And it's not all the contenders with whom Irakli will have to cope to retain his titles. With such a composition, many things can be decided by drawing. We will not predict the results, but we will look forward to the results of this category struggle.