Oleg Tudorean: "I gave all my strength for this gold" >>>

Oleg Tudorean: "I gave all my strength for this gold" # Armwrestling # Armpower.net

Finally the title fell to Moldavian athlete Oleg Tudorean, and in the last year of junior performance he took the gold. What's in the plans of the young armwrestler?


- Tell us about your performance at this championship, are you satisfied with yourself?

- We went to Budapest by car, and the road was very hard. My left hand has been injured since the European Championships, and I not managed to restore it. Therefore, I am pleased with the performance on my left hand, I became the 5th in the category. On my right hand, I very much wanted to win the world title, because this is my last performance among juniors, and this year I already became the champion of Europe. I gave all my strength to take this gold.

- In the final of the European Championship you were very difficult to win over Irakli Zirakashvili, this time you managed faster, why?

- I was very well prepared for this championship, and thought a lot and imagined how I would fight with Irakli. I knew what to expect from him, and was preparing to fight him. As a result, I found the key to victory over him and won.

- Will you pull in senior class?

- No, I will not pull, because I have a European Powerlifting Championships in two weeks.

- Do you compete in two sports in parallel?

- Yes, I am the champion of Moldova and the vice-champion of the world in powerlifting among juniors. The upcoming competitions are important for me, because there I will also perform for the last time among juniors.

- You have a small team, but you are with medals. How do you evaluate the performance of the team?

- Now we have 4 medals, two silver, one bronze and one gold. All our athletes performed well, but the results could be better, our junior lost in the semi-finals on fouls because of mistakes.

- How do you feel after such hard fights?

- The right hand is in great shape now, I can pull in seniors now, but I want to perform well at the powerlifting championship. And the left hand, as I said, was traumatized since the European Championships.

- From next year you will already pull in seniors, will you pull in the same weight category?

- Yes, I will prepare very seriously and will perform up to 70 kg. I think that with my genetics and physique, the category of up to 70 kg for me is the limit. I lose 5-7 kg for every competition, the matches for me are normal, so I'm not going to go up in the category.