Marcio Barboza at Zloty Tur! >>>

Marcio Barboza at Zloty Tur! # Armwrestling #

This year one of the strongest American armwrestlers will visit Zloty Tur.


Marcio Barboza will meet other professional athletes at the table at Zloty Tur in a month. What are his expectations about the event?

Marcio, tell, please, when you decided to participate in the Zloty Tur and why?

– I've decided to participate a month ago at the Zloty Tur because I need a new challenge to keep me going on my armwrestling career. What motivates me to go to Poland is the level of the competition.…

How is your training going?

–My training is going good, I'm ready...

Who would you like to meet at the table? Who do you consider the most difficult opponent?

– Krasimir Kostadinov and Vitali Laletin in finals. I consider them as my toughest rivals. And I always expect to win that's my mentality...

How do you think, can you get into the top three of the tournament? Do you have an advantage over other participants?

– I'm ready to pull anybody there, I have over 25 years in the sport at a top level, so my experience will help me for sure.

Whom will you support at Vendettas?

– As a American citizen I will definitely support USA in all Vendettas and my buddy Carlos from Brazil, my home country... Can't wait to be part of this Mega Event!