Jan Żółciński: "Fights will be full of surprises!" >>>

Jan Żółciński: "Fights will be full of surprises!" # Armwrestling # Armpower.net

Polish sportsman Jan Żółciński, one of the participants of the last Vendettas, assesses the chances of the participants of the upcoming series of armfights.


Dawid Bartosiewicz - Eduardo Tiete

– I watched the first fight of Dawid and Eduardo live. It seems to me that David lost his head then, because every duel was similar to the previous one.

Now he must win, because he fights "at home", he has become smarter, more experienced and, probably, made some conclusions. Over the past two years, Dawid has progressed significantly.

One thing that I know for sure - it will not be easy, because Tiete was not sitting on the spot either. Eduardo is a very experienced and strong athlete.

The fight will be balanced, but in the end, Dawid will win.

Tim Bresnan - Gennady Kvikvinia

– It will be a great show. Tim has a very strong pronation, with which he passes most of his rivals. Gennady is an incredibly versatile player and he can fight in any position. In addition, he is very hardy.

I think it will be a duel, which can win both Tim and Gennady.

The first round is likely to show everything.

Dave Chaffee - Dmitry Trubin

– Dave and Dmitry are a fight that, in my opinion, will end with Trubin's victory.

Dave pulled in WAL, where he could feel somewhat different due to other rules of the fight, but here he will have to look more for fouls. He is very experienced and can fight anyone. And Trubin looks like in his best form.

Rustam Babayev - Todd Hutchings

– Probably, this will be one of the long fights. Here I put on a draw or on a slight advantage of one of the athletes.

Both pull mostly in a hook and both are distinguished by good endurance and speed.

I've seen Rustam and Todd's fights with Zoloev, so I think it's going to be a good fight.

Michael Todd vs. Andrey Pushkar

– Their last meeting in armfight ended with the defeat of Andrey. I wonder what will come of their revenge. I think that any result is possible here.

Andrey’s first strike is so strong that if Michael can not "catch" him, he will win. If Michael can stop Pushkar, then there is a high probability that he will eventually win.

Of course, the table will show everything, and, probably, we are waiting for very intriguing fights.

I wish good luck to all sportsmen and fans of the fantastic show.