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Dawid Bartosiewicz: a duel of life! # Armwrestling # Armpower.net

I will say rudely - Dawid Bartosiewicz won three to three! I know this sounds strange, but I see Dawid as the winner in this fight. As his fan - I think I'm right. In the end, there is much written about "winning draws", so why not?


This draw gave more to the Polish athlete than Eduardo. Eduardo lost, in comparison with the previous fight, where he won. Dawid won, because he held out to a draw.

The first round was lost, and we were afraid that it would continue ... The second round leveled the situation, 1:1. In the third - again Eduardo won.

In the fourth, Dawid equalized the score in 2:2. By the fifth, it was already hot to the maximum. After a bunch of fouls, the Brazilian won and there was the last chance for a draw.

And we have a draw!

Tell Dawid, what did it look like to you?

Dawid Bartosiewicz: It was a battle of my life, an opportunity for revenge for failure in Las Vegas. On my territory the support of friends and the audience was, of course, more, I was entrusted with many hopes, more people counted on my victory.

It was a draw, but the result did not satisfy me fully, especially since Eduardo was very close to winning. During the fight, Tiete never reached me to the pillow and lost most of the fouls in the attack.

I pinned him twice - and only once it was in score. I could break through the attack and take control of the fight.

Every time I managed to start first, and Eduardo often had to defend himself. With each round, I felt that I felt his batteries sit down a little, and it became easier for me. Inside, I felt the slightest advantage, and only because of this I'm glad even a draw.

Tiete was in very good shape, weighing 82 kg, he was more than in Vegas, and I lost a little - and weighed 81 kilograms in clothes. It had a favorable effect on my stamina, because I knew that our battle would be long and hard, and the final rounds could be the most important.

If PAL agrees, I think there should be a third meeting - the final one. Already now I am convinced that I will win. But while I do not think about it, I need to rest, my hand is horrified, and you need to recover well.

I would like to thank my sponsors and partners with whom I work. This company Device, Diety od Brokuła, gym "Olympus". Without their help, I could not have prepared myself this way. I also thank Igor Mazurenko for the opportunity to fight and all the fans who held fingers crossed in the hall and in front of the screens for me. I am glad that I represent Poland, and that I did my best!

Thanks for the great emotions and joy! Have a rest and work :-)