Dmitry Trubin: "I need a rematch" >>>

Dmitry Trubin: "I need a rematch" # Armwrestling #

The Vendetta of Dmitry Trubin and Dave Chaffee were not as spectacular as we expected. What impressions did it leave for Dmitry? What was the reason for his defeat?


First of all, how do you feel now? How is your shoulder and pecs?

- I feel more or less normal at the moment. Now there are recovery processes. The shoulder is in order, I did not injure it, during the fight I injured the pectoral muscle.

Did not bother you before the fight?

- Before the fight, I felt good. Dave was prepared very well, it was obvious. But I can say that it was fate in the matter. I do not even know why it happened, why the muscle could not resisr the tension, because after last year, the training system was changed, stretch exercises and tightening movements were added. Many told me that, most likely, the injury was because I lost a lot of weight before the fight. I do not know if this is so.  Many things could cause the injury, it could be and micro-tears, accumulated during preparation.

What can you say about Dave?

- Dave Chaffee is very strong, he was perfectly prepared. This is a sport, and when you think that you are well prepared, your opponent can be prepared even better. During the fight with Dave, my weaknesses crawled out, one of them is the pectoral muscle, which could not take the load, it crunched and I got a muscle tear and tendons stretching. Again, Dave was very well prepared. In my turn, I will continue to work further.

What are your plans?

- The priority plans are to heal the injuries as quickly as possible and fully recover, then I'll start building a new training plan, I will work on the mistakes and herd work even more than before.

For the next fight, would you prefer a rematch with Dave or a new rival?

- Of course, I would prefer a rematch with Dave, I need this revenge. But it's unlikely that I would have this fight right now, because at the moment it will not be so interesting. In general, I am ready to fight with any rival, I will accept the challenge of anyone. I'll wait for suggestions from Igor Mazurenko. If the opponent is announced in advance and there will be time for preparation, I am ready to pull.