Manuel Battaglia: “I am sure it will be very hard Vendetta” >>>

Manuel Battaglia: “I am sure it will be very hard Vendetta” # Armwrestling #

At 1st March we will have a chance to watch the Supermatch tournament, which will be held in Italy. Manuel Battaglia is a sportsman, who will take part in Vendetta armfight with Alex Kurdecha. How is he going to prepare?


Manuel, tell us, in what form are you now? Did you have a rest after the Zloty Tur or began to train immediately?

– I began to train really soon after Zloty Tur, I took only 10 days for resting. I have some little pain to my elbow but doesn't matter, I want to fight. The 2017 was been my best season.

Will the Supermatch for you be the first competition in the new season?

– Yes, the Supematch will be the first competition of this year.

Tell us about your training and preparation to the tournament? What are you going to oppose to your opponent?

– I am going hard to my sessions training but I am aware that my opponent is a big sportsman. I will try to pull against him with my toproll. I am sure that will be a very hard Vendetta but I prefer to die as a lion that to live as a rabbit!

What do you think about the other Vendettas - who will be the winner?

– Obviously I will support Italian competitors. They are two really fighters and they never give up.