Manuel Battaglia: “I hope for a revenge” >>>

Manuel Battaglia: “I hope for a revenge” # Armwrestling #

Supermatch was full of emotions! An Italian heavyweighter Manuel Battaglia speaks abot his impressions of the fight with Alex Kurdecha.


Are you satisfied with your result? Why did the situation went this way?

I lost 5-0 so I can not be satisfied with it. But overall, I am satisfied because I had the big opportunity to fight against a big champion ranked higher then myself.

What do you think you had to change, what to focus on in order to improve your performance?

I think and hope with time I can improve myself and my performance

If there was an opportunity to repeat the fight, what tactics would you choose?

I hope to have a new opportunity for revenge in the future. With my coach (Nicola Schivalocchi) I will work out a new training plan.

What would you say about your teammates?

I think that my teammates feel just like me but for all of us these Vendettas are a huge opportunity -  now we have a new experience on the table.

Do you like the championship at all? Whose performance impressed you the most?

– The XIII Super Match is maybe one of the best European tournaments and the best in Italy. I am very impressed by some athletes. For first I want to talk about disabled class, big respect for them and their courage. Plamen Dimitrov has been incredible, he won his Vendetta in his weight class and open class. He is not only a big sportsman but also a very nice and really modest person. Frank Lamparelli keeps the Italian Flag high. Gabriele Giurdanella is a talent and I am sure that in future we will hear about him more. Paolo Moretti after the injury had a big performance. At the end I want to thank the organizational staff because they made a wonderful competition for all of us.


Photo: Razi EL Andary