Angelo Varchetta: "The Super Match was an excellent tournament" >>>

Angelo Varchetta: "The Super Match was an excellent tournament" # Armwrestling #

Impressions of the Italian armwrestler about the fight at the Super Match and Armfight with Victorio Sovic.


Are you satisfied with your result? Why did the situation went this way?

– I am not satisfied about my performance. I was not in perfect shape, I was not focused. I had some troubles some days before Vendetta but I did not want give up.

What do you think you have to change, what to focus on in order to improve your performance?

– There is not limit for improvement. I need to work on pre-start focus.

If there was an opportunity to repeat the fight, what tactics would you choose?

– If I had a second chance I would fight the same way. As I said, my problem was not about training.

What would you say about your teammates?

– My teammates tried to fight with all the power they had. Yes, they lost but I am proud of them.

Did you like the tournament in general? Whose performance impressed you the most?

– The XIII Super Match has been an excellent tournament. My friend Frank Lamparelli confirmed being a top-ranked athlete but I am still very impressed dy Plamen Dimitrov. He is a champion, he showed power, mental effort, technique and a big attention to minimal details.


Photo: Razi El Andary