The top three for Denis Tsyplenkov >>>

The top three for Denis Tsyplenkov # Armwrestling #

Last week Igor Mazurenko announced the anniversary Vendetta All Strars - Armfight 50, which will be held on 16-18.11.2018 in Poland, Rumia. The exact card of this event is not yet represented, but there is a certain stellar composition of potential participants. We will talk with each of them and find out their opinion about the very system of armfight, about potential rivals and about the other.


Denis Tsyplenkov is one of the candidates for the main event of the upcoming Vendetta.

What do you think about the format of armfight? Is this a comfortable format for you?

- I think that if you have already proved much in sports, then the format of armfight is a worthy continuation of performances in this sport! For example, as in professional boxing. This format allows you to leave the lottery situations, which often occur in the tournament grid. In this case, you train and prove your advantage with one worthy opponent! Armfight is a more honest and correct assessment of any athlete, only from these criteria you can create a ranking table, because tournaments with a large number of participants are often a lottery, there are many examples on this matter.

Do you think the experience of performances in armfights gives an advantage in subsequent fights?

- I'm sure that we are typed in the tournaments, then you should already be a master. But when it comes to armfight, it is easy for each opponent to find a key and prepare specifically for him.

What armfight would you like to see? Why?

- I would like to see the armament Dave Chaffee - Andrey Pushkar. They are both strong athletes, Pushkar's main weapon is his speed. Last time Dave Chaffee could not find this key. Therefore, I want Dave to find the key, and we would see a real fight.

Name three potential rivals in armfight for yourself? What are they interesting for you?

- Andrey Pushkar, because he is the strongest to date and he has a champion belt. Dave Chaffee, because I consider him to be very strong no worse than Pushkar, and beyond the ocean he is number one. Devon Larratt - he is no stronger than Andrey and Dave, but he is much hardier. I want to test my abilities with him, and this fight has been brewing for 10 years already. The opponent only drags this out, but time goes by.

We believe that most armwrestling lovers want to see Denis as one of these three sportsmen. Given that all these athletes are likely to take part in the Vendetta, it is more likely that we will see one of these anticipated fights. And what kind of opponent for Denis Tsyplenkov would be the most suitable in your opinion? Share your opinion in the comments and wait for the news!