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Hungarian nationals # Armwrestling #

On April 21, 2018, in the city of Kadarkut, the National Championship of Hungary was held.


Kadarkut is a very small city, but it has an armwrestling club and this national scale sporting event was of great importance for the city. Enthusiasts of arm wrestling from Kadarkut are doing a great work on development of the sport and thanks to the organization of the National Championship they managed to establish close cooperation with the mayor's office and business circles of the city - potential sponsors.

The Championship was attended by 147 participants from more than 20 clubs. This year, the organizers opened the possibility of participation of citizens of other countries residing in Hungary. For the first time, Russians, Ukrainians and Croats, in difficult fights, fought for the right to represent Hungary in the National team at the World and European championships. 

At the Championship there were many interesting and exciting duels. The Hungarian paraarmwrestler Tibor Szűcs, who plans to perform in the category of disabled at the European Championships, for the first time in his career defeated Drazen Kogl from Croatia. Péter Kovács - 90 kg Hungarian athlete - was the first in the fight on both hands. 

Due to the results of the Championship, the National team will include 30 strongest athletes of Hungary and, judging by the level of past matches, this squad has all chances to conquer the podiums of the World and European championships.