Scot Mendelson vs Alex Kurdecha! >>>

Scot Mendelson vs Alex Kurdecha! # Armwrestling #

Yesterday the eighth pair of the forthcoming Vendetta All Stars, which will take place at the World Cup, was announced.


Alex Kurdecha and Scot Mendelson! Alex - as the "owner", for the first time was invited to this duel on the right hand. Scot is a real legend in power sports for many years - in bench press - with great success and medals. Last year we watched his performance at the Zloty Tur in Rumia. In addition, even before the fights began, he gave a really hot "motivational" speech, after which it seemed to everyone that they had known this guy for many years. An excellent character, an excellent athlete and his role is not limited to sports. That's why it's very important that he pulls at the Zloty Tur. This year we will see him in Poland for the second time. He will come to fight with Alex, for whom the World Cup is a very important event, as shown by his successful start in 2017.

Alex has just learned about this fight and - as it can be seen not only from his words, but from the whole message - he is very, very motivated and right now he immediately begins to write a training plan. Season of American football is coming to an end, now "all hands in business", and Alex is just getting ready for this meeting. A fight of six rounds is a challenge, and it is unlikely that we will make any predictions based on last year's meeting of these athletes. Then Alex won, but... you need to understand that Scot does not stand still. At Arnold Classic he pulled with Michael Todd. A few minutes of serious combat. Therefore, today he is a very difficult opponent.

Of course, Alex also trains, and he has the same time to prepare. Only one thing cares... Will there be enough sparring partners in the Armfight Piaseczno club? There are a lot of good heavyweights, but I think Scot has more in America.

Alex told me that participation in the World Cup and Vendetta next to such athletes as Pushkar, Larratt, Tsyplenkov, Babaev and others is already a great honor and distinction. But he shouldn’t stop there!

This fight, gives more chances for Alex, than for Scot. Scot can lose, but he will not lose anything from his legendary. And if he wins, he will support her. But Alex must win! This is his first chance at Vendetta, and if he loses, he will still be in the same place. He must win!

I've lost my journalistic objectivity a little, but you know, I'm betting on Alex, because... he lives closer.

We are waiting for the battle!