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Juniors' emotions: review # Armwrestling # Armpower.net

The first day of the European Championship was held, juniors and youth pulled on the left hand.


The first thing to note is the emotional richness of the struggle. Young athletes did not hesitate to express their emotions during fights, as well as spectators to provide support. A pleasant impression is created, and there is a certainty that in the future, thanks to such characteristic signs, armwrestling will become more spectacular and impressive. I would also like to note the mood with which the athletes pulled, trying not to give the slightest chance to the opponent, for which, for example, says a lot of winning rematch in the finals.

So, already the second final match among the girls-18, 50 kg, was marked by a vivid struggle: the Polish debutant Weronika Soja in a difficult duel defeated Ukrainian Lesya Varych.

The first rematch we saw already in the final category 60 kg among the young men, where met Nikita Kuravin (Russia) and Nodari Tsikhelashvili (Georgia). Also spectacular were fights of youth categories 70 kg Giorgi Ambroladze - Magomed Eldarov, 75 kg Digurov Sarmat - Alin Tudor (Alin has very specific fighting technique, but Sarmat managed to find the key to it) and 80 kg Mikhail Kochedyshkin - Nodari Kevkhishvili.

Among youth-21, we saw already well-formed athletes, who after a while will come to press the senior weight category.

The 70 kg fight among the girls, in which Anastasia Karpova (Russia) and Mihaela Lazari (Moldova) met, showed the seriousness of the intentions. The girls pulled with fouls and in the straps, Lazari won, which caused the rematch. In a super-final duel from the start, Karpova took over the initiative in the fight, but failed to hold back the advantage, and the victory in the category went to Mihaela Lazari.

But, perhaps, the most vivid battle was the meeting in the category of 90 kg - Soslan Gassiev (Russia) and Tornike Gigauri (Georgia). The fact that in the qualifiers Soslan easily defeated Tornike, most likely it was the tactic of the Georgian, because in their final fight a real war broke out. In the final, Gigauri pinned Soslan's hand in a very light movement. But in the super-final they used all the possibilities: first, each of the athletes got on the foul, the guys pulled in the straps and with the referee grip, got a coincidental foul for the movement in the referee grip, and then Gigauri got another foul. The athlete protested the decision of the referee, but after a long trial the protest was denied. Then the fight moved to the hall, ending with a small scandal.

I would also like to note the victory of weight +90 kg among youth Swedes Tobias Sporrong. This athlete surprises with his anthropometrics, he easily walked in his category, leaving no one the slightest chance.

Today the struggle continues, watch the news!