Vladimir Butucea: Denis Tsyplenkov motivated me! >>>

Vladimir Butucea: Denis Tsyplenkov motivated me! # Armwrestling # Armpower.net

Before Vladimir Butucea answers our questions, let us note that he is a universal athlete, engaged and successfully performing at international competitions in several sports disciplines at the same time. Those are: Power Triathlon (powerlifting), Athletics - kernel throwing (third place at the Dubai 10th International Open Athletics Meeting), Power Extreme (author and performer of unique power events), Armwrestling (silver medalist of the European and World Championships). Another detail I want to mention is that he is a hereditary “strongman” - his father Vitalii Butucea was the first absolute champion of the Republic of Moldova in powerlifting!


Anna Mazurenko: When did you start armwrestling?

Vladimir Butucea: I started armwrestling 2 years ago.

A.M.: How did you get into this sport? What attracted you?

V.B.: I started to pull thanks to Denis Tsyplenkov, he motivated me with his huge strength. Plus, it's a very contagious sport.

A.M.: What has changed in your life with the advent of armwrestling?

V.B.: I learned that I am very weak and I still have a lot of training ahead to improve my psychological and physical qualities.

A.M.: Do you have a favorite fighting style?

V.B.: I would not say that it is my favorite, but it's easiest for me to pull top-roll. In general, all techniques are equally attractive, I just need to train and use all of them.

A.M.: How are your trainings going?

V.B.: I always focus on my health and try to stick to a plan.

A.M.: Who trains you?

V.B.: My coach is Dumitru Prodan. Also, my good mentors are Alexandru Grumeza and Lilian Oprea.

A.M.: Which match was especially difficult for you?

V.B.: I had some difficult matches: with the Russian armwrestler Batraz (Dzarakhokhov Batradz), with whom I fought in the last year's finals of the European and World Championships on the left hand, as well as with Nikoloz Matiashvili from Georgia, who made his debut this year in our class and immediately became a champion.

A.M.: What would you recommend to the newcomers?

V.B.: It's too early for me to recommend something, I'm still in the process of growth. As a simple advice: practice powerlifting for at least a year to strengthen the body and then gradually include special exercises for armwrestling.

A.M.: What do you do in your life?

V.B.: At the moment, my main occupation is sport.

A.M.: What are your plans for this year?

V.B.: I would like to participate in the World Cup for the Disabled (which is held on the same stage, where the Zloty Tour fights are held two days before!), But due to lack of finance, this plan may not materialize. It would be desirable, that at this competition para-armwrestlers would have an opportunity to receive prize money similar to healthy sportsmen.

A.M.: Where will you perform this year?

V.B.: I plan to perform at the European Championships in Para-athletics in the discipline “Throwing of Kernel", which will be held in Berlin in mid-August, as well as participate in the para-armwrestling World Championship, which will be held in Antalya, Turkey.