“ZG STRONG” World Cup: Everything is ready! Zagreb is waiting! >>>

“ZG STRONG” World Cup: Everything is ready! Zagreb is waiting! # Armwrestling # Armpower.net

On July 7-8, in Zagreb, Croatia the fifth anniversary “ZG STRONG” Armwrestling World Cup will take place. The organizers have done everything to make this year tournament the best in its history and remembered by many. The event will take place on the top floor of the most beautiful hotel in Zagreb - Westin Hotel. The unforgettable views of the Croatian capital will open to spectators and participants of the event and it will add extra emotions to the exciting struggle for the main prize of the Cup. After all, this year at the stake of the tournament - the real Yakut diamonds. About how the preparation for the “ZG STRONG” World Cup goes we talked with its main inspirer and organizer Aleksandar Jakovac. .


Sasha, can you please tell us how the preparations for the “ZG STRONG” World Cup are going, is everything working out as planned?

I can say that the preparation for the tournament has already been completed. We have already solved all technical and sports issues. It will be a terrific tournament, in one of the most beautiful places in Zagreb. This year, we took into account the experience of previous years and tried to organize everything in such a way that it would be interesting for both athletes and spectators. So, for example, in the Open weight category, we decided to make a direct elimination of the top 16. In this probably the most dramatic category, in our experience, the usual double selection is not fully understood by the audience and the dynamic of the event gets lost. Therefore, for the first time in the history of the Cup, we will do the stages 16-8-4-2 in order to determine the winner of the Open.

The Cup will be attended by more than 300 athletes from 30 countries. Fights will be held in the following categories: Seniors, Juniors, Masters and Disabled. Adults will compete in 5 weight categories: 75 kg, 85 kg, 95 kg, 105 kg and 105+.

Whom of the world arm wrestling Stars will we see at the Cup?

The spectators of the “ZG STRONG” World Cup will have the opportunity to see bright fights with the participation of the current world and national champions. Among the well-known names - Dmitriy Trubin from Kazakhstan - the multiple World and Asian Champion, the participant of professional "Vendetta All Stars” duels, Antonina Lysyanskaya from Kazakhstan, Mirtaleh Aslanov - the strongest puller from Azerbaijan, the winner of professional tournaments on different continents, Mehdi Abdolvand - the representative of Iran and, of course, the strongest arm wrestlers of Croatia - Ivo Krizan, Viktorio Sovich and others. Also, the multiple Champion of Italy and prize-winner of world and European championships Frank Lamparelli will also be here.

For the “ZG STRONG” World Cup spectators we have matched up truly professional, entertaining and emotional fights.

The category of the para-armwrestling will also be held at the Cup. Tell us more about it?

We do the para-armwrestling category for the second time. Today para-armwrestling is experiencing a real boom and our tournament can not stay away. Competitions among para-arm wrestlers will be held only seated in three weight categories - 75, 75+ and Open. We expect about 20 participants from Croatia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Slovakia, Hungary and Russia. 

Sasha, thank you very much for the interview and see you in Zagreb!