Fia Reisek: “Malin will dom whatever it takes!” >>>

Fia Reisek: “Malin will dom whatever it takes!” # Armwrestling #

Swedish armwrestler Fia Reisek did her best at the Europeans. What will we see at Worlds? What is her predictions about Malin Kleinsmith’s armfight?


You pulled at the new weight class. How do you like it and your new rivals?

– Yes, I pulled in -70 at Europeans, because I didn’t want to lose any weight for this competition, I really looked forward to meeting Brigitta Ivanfi, Rebeka Martinkovicova, the russian girls and of course the ones I haven’t met before. Then I was surprised that Irina Driaeva also decided to go from -65. I know everyone is really strong.

You won fairly easily, how do you evaluate your performance?

– I’m super happy about my wins over this girls. Makes me think that I really can learn how to do this, and also what to improve.

Gabriela dominates at the Worlds in this class, what do you think about her? Are you ready to pull with her?

– I’m not yet ready for Gabi and worlds in -70, so I will compete in -65 at worlds.

What do you think about Malin-Marlena's upcoming fight? Can you make any forecast on their fight?

– I’m super excited about the Malin- Marlena fight! Don’t really know what to expect, Marlena is known for a great left and Malin is not. But I know Malin will do whatever it takes and she’s getting really good!

Would you like to take part in armfight? For example, Reisek-Afonina, 65 kg, right arm, what do you think?

– I would definitely like to have a match in armfight someday. The example Reisek-Afonina - sounds fun, I pulled her so many times in -60 and didn’t win once in right!