Genadi Kvikvinia is 33 today! Our warmest congrats to the Champ! >>>

Genadi Kvikvinia is 33 today! Our warmest congrats to the Champ! # Armwrestling #

Today is the 33rd anniversary of Genadi Kvikviniya, the star of the Georgian and world arm-wrestling. The team joins his family, friends as well as thousands of his fans around the world and wishes Genadi good health, new bright victories at the arm wrestling table and good luck in implementing his life plans.


Genadi Kvikviniya is a bright, spectacular Georgian athlete who, thanks to his strength of character, perseverance and positive attitude to life, managed to achieve success in the professional arena.

Everyone remembers his vivid performance at the Vendetta All Stars - Armfight # 48 in 2017, when, in a difficult fight, he managed to defeat the American legend - Tim Bresnan. This victory opened before Genadi the door to a new level - a duel with the strongest American armwrestler Dave Chaffee within the jubilee Vendetta ALL Stars - Armfight#50 in November 2018. 

But, making success in professional sports, Genadi Kvikviniya does not forget about the protection of Georgia's honor in amateur European and World Championships as well.

Age of 33 - "the age of Christ”- is considered by many to be a turning point for a man. Let us wish Genadi Kvikviniya that this year will be successful for him and that any turns lead this outstanding athlete only to the heights of sport and life.