Mazurenko Armwrestling Promotion plan for Georgia is working just great! >>>

Mazurenko Armwrestling Promotion plan for Georgia is working just great! # Armwrestling #

Igor Mazurenko is in Tbilisi, Georgia with the Armbets News filming crew. We contacted him by phone and the first thing we heard was the phrase: "Our plan is working just great!"


Igor Mazurenko:

   Our plan is working just great! It’s just a short description for what we’ve seen in Tbilisi . According to Levan Saginashvili, if you ask anyone in Tbilisi who is Levan, 7 out of 10 people will say: this is our Georgian hero, our Giant, our Hulk!

   And really, Levan and us walked through the streets and almost every second greeted us, people approached, asked for a picture and called him Hulk. Moreover, there were people who approached and asked: "Levan, can you defeat Denis Tsyplenkov?"

    Cruising around the city in his car with the “Hulk" plates, Levan Saginashvili really makes a splash in his country and claims that it is thanks to the "Zloty Tur" 2017World Cup. After he won the left and right hand  and all media and Internet resources started talking about him, he became recognized on the streets. Everyone got interested in what is happening in arm-wrestling and is waiting for his fight with Dmitry Trubin. 

   As Levan says, many of his compatriots will watch his duel not only at home in front of the computer, but will also gather in bars.

   All Georgian media are waiting for the duels of Levan and Genadi Kvikvinia.

    Despite the fact that arm wrestling is not an Olympic sport, authorities are also very interested in it.

    Thanks to Genadi Kvikvinia, the Sports Committee of Georgia considers the project of supply of one armwrestling table to each school. Genadi did a really great job. His efforts to work with young people deserve a word of admiration. Next year, Genadi promises to bring young people from 14 to 16 years old to the WAF World Championship. Among his wards there are really many teenagers. This is very important for our sport. No sport can exist without the training of young people.

    We’ve got unforgettable impressions in Tbilisi. We were struck by the popularity of the Georgian champions and we, along with the Georgian fans of our sport, will wait for the exciting fights of Genadi and Levan in November at the Vendetta All Stars - Armfight # 50.