The voices of Vendetta All Stars 50 and Zloty Tur 2018 are known! >>>

The voices of Vendetta All Stars 50 and Zloty Tur 2018 are known! # Armwrestling #

The main events of professional armwrestling in 2018 will take place in six weeks - November 16-18. An unprecedented number of legendary participants of the tournament obliges the organizers to responsibly approach every detail of the event and its live broadcast. Today it became known who will comment on Vendetta All Stars 50 and Zloty Tur 2018 for the whole world.


    Traditionally, the “Zloty Tur” Professional World Cup and Vendetta are accompanied by commentary in three languages: English, Russian and Polish. Matches are commented on by two people - one commentator and one expert - one of the stars of armwrestling.

    For the Russian-speaking audience, the fights will be commented on by well-known video blogger and armwrestling enthusiast Ilya Izman in tandem with the legendary Arsen Liliev - multiple World Champion, winner of the “Zloty Tur” Professional World Cup, winner of many professional tournaments. Despite the fact that Arsen ended his career in professional sports, his name is still a symbol of domination on the armwrestling table.

    For an English-speaking audience, the fights of the Vendetta All Stars 50 and “Zloty Tur” finals will be commented on by Paul Maiden, an outstanding British armwrestler and professional sports activist. Paul was remembered by many after the powerful Vendetta in Manchester, where he represented his country in a duel with the Polish giant Arthur Glowinski. Having come to armwrestling from rugby, where Paul represented his county, he became the Champion of Great Britain for 25 times in different age and weight categories. In 2007, Paul became a prize-winner of the “Zloty Tur” Professional World Cup. Also, Paul Maiden is the winner and prize winner of such tournaments as “Arm Wars”, “Gladiators Night”, “Arnold Classic”, “British WAL” and others. Many years of sports and organizational experience of Paul, his love and devotion to our discipline of sport, allow him to act in two roles at once - a commentator and an expert. Nevertheless, Igor Mazurenko, President of PAL, the main organizer and promoter of the World Cup and  Vendetta All Stars, does not rule out the strengthening of the English-language commentary by some of the celebrities.

    Igor Mazurenko: “We all would very much like to see someone from American stars, such as John Brzenk or Michael Todd, as an expert for an English-speaking audience. Despite the tight schedule of our legendary champions, we are considering this opportunity. ”

    Obviously, Vendetta All Stars 50 and “Zloty Tur 2018” will be the events of the decade in the world of professional arm wrestling. Bright fights, accompanied by commentary and professional analysis by experts, will give the audience not only emotions, but also invaluable sports experience.

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