Scot Mendelson: It will be a battle! >>>

Scot Mendelson:  It will be a battle! # Armwrestling #

Scot Mendelson - the world's star of powerlifting on his preparations for the arm-wrestling tournament of the decade - Vendetta All Stars 50.


Scot, how is your preparation for the fight with Alex Kurdecha from Poland?

Everything is going according to plan, in normal mode. I do a whole range of exercises under the guidance of my coach Vazgen Soghoyan, working on strength and endurance.

You recently participated in a tournament, after which there were rumors that Scot might not be quite ready to compete at the Vendetta All Stars. What happened there?

It was a qualifying tournament for the Arnold Classic. I’ve qualified for Arnold and this is what important. As for my results, I had a slight wrist injury and I did not want to use it to the fullest. I used it somewhere around one-third of my real strength. Now everything is alright and I am preparing for Vendetta in full swing.

Scot, how much do you weigh now and how much are you going to weigh before the fight?

I now weigh 310 pounds (140 kg) and by Vendetta I may gain some more. I plan to rest 5 days before the fight. 

We recently met in Warsaw with your rival, Alex Kurdecha. He is really big! What do you think about it?

I don't care, I know that Alex is a big guy. I also know that he will try to get me in top-roll and I am preparing for this. The best option for me, of course, will be pulling in straps. If this happens, then my opponent will have no chance. 

It will be a battle!

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