Svetlana Pushkar helps to raise money for Oleg Zhokh. >>>

Svetlana Pushkar helps to raise money for Oleg Zhokh. # Armwrestling #

Wednesday, November 14, 2018 ... At about 3 p.m. local time, a message arrived that a terrible accident had occurred on the Kyiv-Chop Highway. There were three passengers in the injured car: two multiple world and European armwrestling champions - Andrey Pushkar and Oleg Zhokh, and also Oleg Zhokh's father. They were going to the airport to take part in the 18th international Professional Armwrestling World Cup "Zloty Tur 2018" in Rumia, Poland. But they were not destined to reach their destination that day.


Oleg Zhokh, World and European champion in armwrestling, was seriously injured in that terrible disaster. He fell into a coma and miraculously regained consciousness almost ten days after the accident. The car accident claimed the lives of two other passengers - Andrei Pushkar and the driver, Oleg's father, had no chance to survive.

Svetlana Pushkar, the wife of the deceased Andrey Pushkar, is now helping to raise money for Oleg Zhokh.

"How difficult it is to return to this world and find that your beloved dad and your best friend are gone forever. Despite the fact that Oleg suffers from a number of aneurysms, hematomas and fractures, he behaves like a real fighter. In many ways, thanks to the help of his family , friends and fans.

Currently, Oleg is conscious and has several operations ahead of him. It is imperative to support him emotionally and financially in this critical life situation.

Following the link below to an online fundraising platform, you can make a donation to Oleg or just leave a warm comment. Thank you!"

Svetlana Pushkar initiated creation of this fundraiser page. The page is on the name of Svitlana Zhokh - Oleg's mom - for she is the receiver of the funds raised.