KING ROOKIE ARMWRESTLING LEAGUE 2018 tournament # Armwrestling #

On December 22, 2018, the Kharkov “King” Fitness Center on Alekseyevka hospitably opened its doors for armwrestling fans.  For the second year in a row, the “KING ROOKIE ARMWRESTLING LEAGUE 2018” tournament is held. This is competition in which athletes with little experience in armwrestling can take part. The idea of ​​amateur competitions has arisen long time ago, considering that there are a lot of guys who want to armwrestle, and their qualification does not allow them to prove themselves in competitions of higher rank.


The KING ROOKIE ARMWRESTLING LEAGUE 2018 tournament exceeded all expectations and gathered 56 athletes from both Kharkiv and other Ukrainian cities, such as Kiev, Rivne, Mariupol, Belaya Tserkov and small towns of the Kharkiv region. The competition revealed strong and technically trained athletes who showed a beautiful struggle and declared themselves as applicants for participation in tournaments of higher rank. Among them are Alexander Sagarovsky from Lozovaya, Alexander Valchuk from Rivne, Alexander Maslov from Kharkov and many others.

Competitions were held in 3 male categories (up to 70, 86 and over 86 kg) and 1 female (up to 60 kg). Moreover, the category up to 86 kg was unexpectedly mass - 34 participants.

The winners of the up to 70 kg class: 1. Evgeny Gripich; 2. Kravtsov Nikolay; 3. Vovchenko Denis.

Up to 86 kg: 1. Baranovsky Vladislav; 2. Zipka Oleg; 3. Smirnov Alexey.

Over 86 kg: 1. Vlasov Dmitry; 2. Maslov Alexander; 3. Skumenko Vitaly.

Among women up to 60 kg: 1. Miroshnichenko Inessa; 2. Oblochinsky Julia; 3. Ovechkina Marina.

A pleasant surprise for the competitors was the presence at the tournament of the President of the Professional Armwrestling League (PAL) Igor Mazurenko, who delivered a welcoming speech to the athletes and presented a certificate confirming that the Ukrainian Armwrestling Federation is the official representative of PAL in Ukraine.

In conclusion, I would like to express my gratitude to the general partner of the “KING ROOKIE ARMWRESTLING LEAGUE 2018” tournament - the “King” network of fitness-centers in the person of Kaydash Alexander for supporting and developing armwrestling in the Kharkiv region!


Dmitry Bezkorovainy