The “Silvis” Company is the official representative of PAL in Korea. >>>

The “Silvis” Company is the official representative of PAL in Korea. # Armwrestling #

On December 29 the annual “Silvis Classic” tournament took place in the capital of Korea. This tournament was attended by Igor Mazurenko, the President of the Professional Armwrestling League (PAL). As part of this visit, a Cooperation Agreement was signed between PAL and “Silvis”, according to which the company became the official representative of PAL in Korea.


As previously reported, in 2019, PAL will continue to expand its network of representatives throughout the world. The tasks of the official representatives include the organization and assistance in organizing sports events certified by PAL in the entrusted territory.

Also, official representatives will organize education sessions for athletes, referees, event organizers; establish contacts with government agencies to expand development opportunities and financial support for armwrestling.

The goal of a wide network of local representative offices is to create a unified global infrastructure that allows athletes who plan to build a professional career to take part in the world Unified Rating of Professional Armwrestling and thus accumulate and compare their results with athletes from different countries and acquire legitimate status in the eyes of sponsors.

For promoters and organizers, holding certified competitions will provide an opportunity to attract more participants and sponsors as well.

Thus, the signing of the Agreement on cooperation with PAL, was a truly historic event for Korean professional armwrestling and soon the world will hear about the new professional armwrestling champions from Korea.