The first rating Vendetta is over! >>>

The first rating Vendetta is over! # Armwrestling #

Two matches on the right and left hand between Engin Terzi and Mindaugas Tarasaitis in the weight category of 70 kg ended in favor of the Turkish legend of armwrestling.


At 19.00 local time, in Istanbul, Turkey, the first left hand bout began between star athletes, winners of the “Zloty Tur 2018” World Cup, Mindaugas Tarasaitis from Lithuania and Engin Terzi from Turkey.

After the first card a series of fights between Turkish and Lebanese athletes took place.

And at the end of the evening, the stars of professional armwrestling went up to the stage again to fight on the right hand this time.

In both star Vendettas, the victory was won by Engin Terzi with a score of 6: 0.

Mindaugas Tarasaitis, in response to the question of how he feels after two fights, replied:

“I feel good, still strong, nothing hurts. Why did I lose? Engin had a very strong back pressure and a very strong wrist. He easily opened my wrist and I could not do anything. I take this defeat as a rewarding experience and an indicator of what I need to work on. I will pay more attention to supination, work on a wrist. In my immediate plans - performance on Arnold Classic in the USA, European Championship. Perhaps after these tournaments, we could think about a rematch with Engin. ”

The protagonist of the evening, Engin Terzi, accepts congratulations in his usual modest manner.

Engin Terzi:

"I respect Mindaugas very much, he is a strong rival. Regarding the result, I can say that it is a sport: the last time he defeated me, this time I defeated him. It's simple. We gave him a very warm, decent hospitality. ”

This Vendetta was the first rating event between certified athletes of the Unified Professional Armwrestling Rating (URPA).

According to the results of the fight on the left hand, Engin Terzi retained the leading position in the rating in the category of 70 kg and added 2 rating points to the 100 points he already had. Mindaugas Tarasaitis remained on the 5th place in the ranking and added 1 point to his 30 points.

As for the right hand, the situation has changed more dramatically. Before the fight with Terzi, Tarasaitis took first place in the category of 70 kg with 100 rating points based on the results of the Zloty Tur. Engin Terzi ranked second with 70 rating points. After winning this Vendetta, Engin came out on top and won 102 points, while Mindaugas went down to the second position and now he has 101 points.

Thus, as of today, Engin Terzi is the Rating leader of his weight category in the right and left hand.