Kurdecha: I am very surprised! >>>

Kurdecha: I am very surprised! # Armwrestling # Armpower.net

Alex Kurdecha is in the same situation as Dmitriy Trubin, - he was replaced by an opponent. Is Alex ready to replace?


Alex, are you surprised with your opponent change?

- I am very surprised that 18 days before departure to Malaysia, Genadi decided not to participate in the Top-8. This is his decision and his business how to do, but athletes should be able to pull and decide for themselves what to do. If someone puts a restriction on the participation of athletes in competitions, then he clearly does not care about the development of this sport, especially since there were no problems with this before.

Ongarbayev is a very strong and fast athlete - on the Zloty Tur he was the second after Saginashvili in the opec weight class, leaving behind Laletin, Silaev and others, and in his category he defeated Prudnik! He is a very difficult opponent, who always uses the whole arsenal of his speed, strength, endurance and cunning!

You still have some time. Based on the style and skills of Kydyrgali, will you make changes to the training plan?

- The fight against Kydyrgali will be radically different from the fight against Genadi, since, I believe, he is faster than Genadi and even more versatile. He is very strong in the hook and toproll well, and at the same time he is very technical! As a rival, he will not be comfortable for me! What will happen in the fight - the table will show, he is definitely a very difficult opponent, especially when there is almost no time left to prepare for him. I know that he was preparing for the championship in Malaysia, which will be held in parallel with the vendettas, and that he is now in very good shape.

And in such a scenario: what do you think, what are your chances of remaining in the top four and continuing to fight for first place?

- If we talk about the chances - there are some chances, but the fight will not be easy at all!

As you can see, Alex adequately assesses the opponent and his strength, but we are confident that the Polish athlete will do everything possible to get into the top grid and continue the fight for the first place.