Vitaly Laletin: People often compare me to Stallone hero >>>

Vitaly Laletin: People often compare me to Stallone hero # Armwrestling #

Vitaly Laletin, a world champion from Krasnoyarsk, first appeared vividly after defeating Andrey Pushkar at the Zloty Tur in 2016 and took second place in the open weight for his right hand with its own weight of about 105 kg.


And despite the fact that many believe that Vitaly was very lucky with genetics, his long-term workout, which began in his 13 years in 2002, is behind his victories.

Vitaly, what motivated you to go in for sports?

- My brother - master of sports in arm wrestling. He trained, I also wanted to try, I liked it and I stayed in the sport.

Did you do anything before armwrestling?

- I tried rugby and freestyle wrestling before armwrestling, but I didn’t like the coach, and a lot depends on the coach.

Do you have a coach now?

- No, I train on my own.

You say that bending iron nails helps you in arm wrestling. Can you explain how?

- When bending the iron, the lateral joints works very well, the side holds better, the hand, fingers and back become stronger.

You work in cargo. How do you train on the road?

- I worked in cargo transportation, I traveled a lot but trained a little. It was possible to do a workout only in the intervals between work. Now I drive less, I manage the same freight traffic more.

Are you often compared to the hero of Sylvester Stallone Lincoln Hawk?

- Yes, people often compare me with Stallone hero. Many people ask if I have such a trainer in the car as in the film. No, of course, I do not have such a trainer. Maximum what I have in car is an expander.

Do other truck drivers try to test your strength?

- They almost do not try. Many people know me, others see my physique and do not even want to try.

Tell the most interesting and fun story related to work.

- Somehow, some Uzbeks offered me pull in the southern fruit market. They brought me one person, the second, the third, the fifth, I won everybody, and then they loaded my full car with watermelons and melons.

Over the past couple of years you have significantly improved your form. What is the reason?

- Well, of course, every year a person grows up, becomes stronger, I think, develops up to 35 years. Proper training plus experience.

How many workouts do you have per week?

- It was always different, it happened that it reached one workout per month, and so, basically, now it’s one workout per week, but at my maximum. For the last 3 years I haven’t been engaged in general physical training exercises at all, only specialized ones, which, in fact, give me heat, but in the future there are plans to take up general exercises and strengthen the base.

What is the attitude to training sparring, how many and when is it better to pull?

- Training sparrings, my opinion, should be held once a week, no more; if everything is fine in the body, it will have time to recover.

What are your favorite exercises?

- My favorite exercises are top, pronator, fingers, back. They are required.

How do you think long levers - is it a plus or a minus in a fight?

- Long levers are a plus, but not for everyone. Many people with big levers do not know how to pull, and some people manage to pull well with short levers. Take the same Rustam Babaev, who with his levers very well pulls against people with long levers.

Do you have an idol in armwrestling?

- Yes, there are many of them, the people I grew up with, but it will take long time to name them all.

Name the best toproller and the best hooker of all time.

- The best hooker and toproller, I think, is John Brzenk. He is one of the top middleweight athletes who could show himself in heavy weight.

What competition or victory left the most vivid memories for you?

- The most vivid memories I had after the first Russian nationals and the first World Championship, they are most memorable to me. Perhaps, over time, something else will be added.

Do you plan to pull like American athletes when you are over 50 years old?

- Yes, I plan to pull until I have a result, while I win. I will leave this sport when I start losing.

Give advice to novice armrestlers.

- Do not stop, look closely and listen to coaches and experienced sportsmen who will explain how to do the exercises correctly. Then everything will be fine. And, well, follow your pulling style.