Dmitry Trubin: I was not ready for such a quick start >>>

Dmitry Trubin: I was not ready for such a quick start # Armwrestling #

At the first stage of the Top-8, Dmitry Trubin looked much better than during his previous Vendetta with Levan Saginashvili, but he could not win.


Dmitry Trubin received a new opponent in exchange for Denis Tsyplenkov. Dmitry can not affect the speed of his reaction to a lightning start of Vitaly Laletin. But during their meeting, it became clear that Dmitry was not going to give up, and the struggle would be serious. It seemed that if he was ready for Tsyplenkov, then you would be ready for Laletin. What was the problem?

Dmitry, what do you remember about Malaysia?

– First of all, Malaysia impressed me with its awesome hospitality, there are very kind people there, our Asian guys. I really liked the color and nature. There is a huge selection of food that has a rich taste.

Let’s go to the fight. You had frequent complaints about refereeing. What was wrong?

–  I will not say that these were too frequent, but there were moments when I did not agree with the decision of the referees. One of them is when I won Vitaly, and he pulled out his hand from a losing position and was given a controversial chance to overcome. But, in principle, one meeting did not solve anything

Did you try to make some adjustments to your style during the match? Did you have a plan B?

– I immediately made a certain correction. I was not ready for the starting fight. Vitali is a very uncomfortable, very strong contender, and he has greatly added lately. I tried to make adjustments, make changes to my plans, because I was stuck by this speed start. I was not ready for it.

Your opponent was replaced shortly before the tournament. Were you psychologically ready for a fight?

– I think the replacement of the opponent played a cruel joke with me. I was ready for Denis Tsyplenkov, I was ready for a protracted power struggle, and in no way was I ready for Vitali’s speed. This was my fatal mistake.

How do you think, how far can Vitaly Laletin go at the Top-8?

– I think that Vitaly will fight in the final with Levan Saginashvili!