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Dawid Bartosiewicz: Strong decision! # Armwrestling # Armpower.net

The Polish Open Professional League in Armwrestling will be held on April 27 in Skarszewy, Poland. This will be the URPA/PAL rating tournament. In addition to the tournament, the results of which will be listed in the PAL/URPA rating, there will be two armfighs. Two brothers Bartosiewicz (Dawid and Piotr) will represent Poland.


Dawid Bartosiewicz has been at the forefront of world arm wrestling for many years and regularly achieves success in international amateur competitions and professional tournaments.

2019 Dawid started with a double success in the Senec Hand competition, where he pulled in 78 and 86 kg classes and won first place in both.

At the Polish Championship on April 5-7, he won gold in the category of 80 kg on his right hand, so he got into the Polish team to fight at the 2019 European and World Championships.

However, this is a small problem because, as you know, WAF threatens to disqualify athletes for participating in the PAL / URPA competition. Therefore, participation in the Senec Hand and the upcoming Vendetta causes uncertainty in this matter.

However, Dawid Bartosiewicz has already chosen! He, and only he will plan his sport career!

David, I have to ask about the formalities, although I already know the answer. Are you afraid of being disqualified from WAF?

- No! I planned to pull on Senec Hand earlier than WAF „forbade” to do it. I think WAF decisions are absurd. That's why I participated there. Their decisions limit athletes and organizers. I know that many athletes feel the same, although they are afraid to say it out loud. We just want to fight, to feel rivalry, to check the form of training. And this is all ... WAF does not give us any money and will they still be blackmailing? .. I have the right to decide where I will fight. Everyone is free, no one forced me to engage in armwrestling, and no one will prevent me from participating where I want!

How do you think this conflict will end?

- When Igor Mazurenko unleashes PAL even more, I am sure that athletes will go where they can develop. I wish this to myself and Igor. And now... I'm waiting for an official letter from the WAF, which probably never will come. Perhaps WAF will overcome itself and find a compromise with PAL.

Soon there’s an important start in Skarshevy. What stage of preparation are you at?

- At the first two events of the year (Senec Hand and the Polish Championship) I performed ill, but I fulfilled the plan. Honestly, I am not yet fully recovered. But the shape looks good. But for Mantas you need even more. It promises to be a really strong fight.

At what stage of your career are you now?

- I completely went in for sports! Nothing else. I thought: „If not now, when?” I am fit, I can concentrate on training, nothing else takes up my head. I don't have a family yet, I live with a cat. So now I can follow my dreams.

What do you know about the opponent?

- Mantas is a leading athlete in professional armwrestling. For some time we were in the same weight class, but only once met in a duel - in 2015 at the Worlds, I lost by fouls. This will be our first start in the format of six rounds, and I know that he will be well prepared. Recently, Mantas pulled at the Latvian Championship, where he won, so he must be in good shape. This is a very experienced and thinking armwrestler, and in order to defeat him, I just have to be stronger. I will show myself 100%, but let the best one win!

We wish your dream come true!

- Greetings to my fans!

Interviewed by PeSzy