Vendetta in Skarszewy: Report >>>

Vendetta in Skarszewy: Report # Armwrestling #

April 27, 2019 - Concordia - Skarszewy, Poland. Polish Open Professional Armwrestling League. Two matches of rating Vendettas. Briefly about fights.


Dawid Bartosiewicz (Poland) - Mantas Asmonas (Lithuania)

The first round and immediately after the start - elbow foul to Mantas. The fight begins again, Mantas attacks again. Dawid stops him, a second of indecision is felt, but it is clear that he has complete control and presses the opponent's hand to the pillow. 1: 0 in favor of the Polish athlete. The second round - and again the Lithuanian starts toproll first. But Dawid also stops him, and they go to straps. Starting in strings, for a few seconds they are fighting in the center, but Dawid achieves victory, and we have 2:0.

It would seem that the advantage is already on the side of the athlete-host of the tournament, but you can not ignore the opponent. The third round and ... Mantas attacks, but too quickly, and earns an elbow foul. The fight resumes, coincidental foul. And this round becomes the least spectacular, because Mantas gets another foul and loss, so the result is 3:0 in favor of Dawid. In the fourth round, Dawid started first and made his opponent fouls. Start again, a few seconds of fighting in the center, a consistent attack by Dawid, and he wins a final victory. 4: 0. Fifth round - Dawid loses, but not to the opponent, but to the injured shoulder. Mantas started to toproll, and it became clear that Dawid was not fighting with him, but with his own body. He had to give up, and the result of the fight is now 4:1. During the break, Dawid is trying to „fix” his shoulder, but the only thing he can do is to check if everything will not get worse. But everything is worse, and in the sixth round he even dowsn’t pull. The final result 4:2 in favor of Dawid Bartosiewicz.

Now is the time to pay attention. At the very end of the fight, Dawid comes down from the stage and Mantas Asmonas comes first to him with a container with coolant. Surely for this we love our sport!

Bogdan Ivakhnenko (Ukraine) - Piotr Bartosiewicz (Poland)

The first round was a very quick start of Piotr, however, there was a slip, which the referees considered to be intentional, and punished Piotr with a foul. The fight continues, and now the Ukrainian is winning with a quick start. 1:0 in favor of Bogdan. The second round, Bogdan starts too quickly and receives a warning. The fight continues with a slip, then the struggle goes on in straps. The first attack of Bogdan – Piotr stops it, as the second. Another attack, Piotr’s hand is nailed to the pillow, and, obviously, he feels a pain in his shoulder. At guest 2:0, Piotr moves away from the table and checks how much more he can afford to pull. Dawid in the corner offers some option. But Piotr needs to decide! Igor Mazurenko, of course, looks for more effective shots with the camera and describes these two rounds as „amazing”, and it’s hard not to agree with him, because it was really a blast of energy in a matter of seconds. We wait ... Piotr checks his hand. Can he fight? The third round and immediately it is clear that something is wrong with the shoulder of the Polish athlete. Bogdan wins, and the result for Ukraine is 3:0. It is evident that Peter's hand is very sore. But he is still trying to fight in the fourth round...

And after the competition ... Piotr will no longer be able to fight today. Need to know when to stop. When you get injured, you need to protect your hand. Thanks to Piotr for the fight. The first two rounds showed that these guys are worth seeing again at the table. But how will the loss affect the URPA rating?

Piotr Bartosiewicz - commentary after the fight: Unfortunately, in the second round an old shoulder injury opened, and this prevented further duel. I must honestly admit that on that day my opponent was better prepared than I was, and fully deserved the victory. Of course, I will not fold my hands, and if I cope with the injury, I will come back. Congratulations to the winners!