New weight classes in PAL >>>

New weight classes in PAL # Armwrestling #

The Professional Armwrestling League makes changes to the list of weight classes of participants.


Two new weight categories are open to athletes who want to compete in the Professional Armwrestling League. So, men will have a new lightest category - up to 57 kg.

The 63 kg men category has always been one of the most numerous at pro-tournaments, especially on the Zloty Tur, – says PAL President Igor Mazurenko.  Therefore, the idea to divide it into two fully corresponds to the demand. Agree, if an athlete weighs 55 kg, it is difficult for him to gain up to 63 kg. In addition, recently more and more athletes from Asia have participated in professional tournaments, and for them 60 kg is quite common weight”.

Also, recently, a heavy weight plank has been raised in women classes. As a result - a new category of 75 kg.

Everything is quite simple here. Group ladies in the +65 kg category, we make professional championships less attractive for them. I am sure that thanks to the introduction of a new category of 75 kg, and, accordingly, +75 kg, we saw even more strongest women at the professional table!”- explains Igor Mazurenko.