Three best exercises for fingers from Igor Mazurenko >>>

Three best exercises for fingers from Igor Mazurenko # Armwrestling #

We keep telling you about the best exercises for armwrestlers. This time we speak about fingers.


In the third place is an exercise, which was one of the most important for me at the beginning of my sports career. This exercise was called “Iron Grip” and was performed on a specially designed simulator. This simulator worked on the principle of expander, so you could load a large number of small muscles and train your fingers.

The second exercise is to hold a plate with a pinch grip. When everyone realized that various simulators or expanders were not so effective, they switched to holding plates. Moreover, it was effective when you keep fingers so that the angle between the shoulder and forearm was 90 °. It straightened humeralis muscle too.

The first place and the title of the best for the development of fingers goes to an exercise with the use of handle, which were developed and created in 2013 - the so-called pens-droplets. Over time, they transformed into our usual lightweight eccentric handles, made with3-D printing. This exercise allows you to maximize the process of grip and fight, and allow you to accentuate the small muscles that provide us with strong fingers.

An example of an exercise that can be performed with an eccentric handle: