Dmitry Trubin is moving! >>>

Dmitry Trubin is moving! # Armwrestling #

Dmitry Trubin changes his place of residence and moves to Russia.


Dmitry, why did you decide to move?

- The goal to move appeared a long time ago, we change our place of living for family reasons. By the way, until 1997 I lived in the Russian Federation, so I did not have any problems in obtaining citizenship.

What do you think will the move and new climatic conditions in any way affect your preparation?

- Krasnodar is a very beautiful city, and in terms of climatic conditions it is very similar to Taraz, therefore, I think, there should not be any radical changes associated with a change of scenery, everything will go fine. In Krasnodar, I have many friends and relatives — two sisters on my father’s side, my aunts. There are cousins ​​also.

How will you train now?

- Again, this decision we made in the family. In addition, it will help me with the development in sports. There is someone to fight there, in the city itself there are a lot of worthy cords that will help me in preparation. I think these changes will only be for the best.

Will you keep in touch with students from Kazakhstan?

- Of course, I will keep in touch with the students, but already I “handed them over” to other coaches, they will work together. And in Krasnodar I will already recruit new students, I will train. That is, I will also work in sports. It turns out that the lifestyle does not change, only the place of deployment. And, accordingly, I will play for the Russian Federation. Now I have already made an official waiver of Kazakhstani citizenship, I am going to leave soon. I will get passports soon. The decision, of course, difficult, long pondered what city. But relatives insisted, and for children it will be great. Everyone is happy!