Vitaly Laletin: If Prudnik gains, he will be much stronger >>>

Vitaly Laletin: If Prudnik gains, he will be much stronger # Armwrestling #

Vitaly Laletin received a difficult opponent for the second stage of the Top-8. What Vitaly can show to counter Evgeniy Prudnik? Is he ready to fight?


Vitaly, did the draw justifiy your expectations? Do you think you are lucky with your opponent?

- Yes, the draw has met my expectations. The main thing is that I didn’t get Levan in the first stage, because then it would be hard for me to fight him. And in the middle of the tournament, I would really like to meet him.

Have you already met Evgeniy Prudnik? Will you change something in training for him?

- No, I have not met Evgeniy at the table yet. But I will not change the training, I will prepare the way I used to prepare. My fighting technique, in general, is suitable for both Evgeniy and Levan.

Did you plan at all, how would you fight him? Will you change your tactics if you fail to toproll him, how do you usually do?

- Not yet planned. In general – I will pull the way it will be possible to do at the table.

What do you think, if Evgeniy gain more weight, will it help him to win from you?

- Yes, I believe that if a sportsman has more mass, he is stronger. Therefore, if he still gains some weight, it will be only a plus for him.

What can you say about other matches? Whose fight will you be interested to watch?

- All other pairs matched very well. Kydyrgali is a little unlucky. And at the lower grid, the guys all went very well.

What advice can you give Alex Kurdecha about his preparation for the fight against Trubin, your past rival?

- Dmitry is a very dangerous opponent. Alex needs to look in the mirror at his pulling style and make the same accents as Trubin’s, because Dimitri has a similar style.