Alex, are you happy with the draw? >>>

Alex, are you happy with the draw? # Armwrestling #

What a trivial question! But I have to start with something. I met Alex in Warsaw after returning from the draw ceremony of the second stage of the Top-8 tournament, which was held in Kyiv.


Alex, about the results of the draw and your assessment. First of all, such a question - what has changed in your life since you hit the Top-8?

- Many, very many. The most important thing is that the Top-8 organizes the entire season for an athlete, from beginning to end, I know my start calendar, I know what to expect and who to expect. It is completely different in terms of sports. It is better! In my daily life, I get the impression (and there is evidence) that I have become recognizable. Complete strangers come to me, asking if I am Alex Kurdecha. Really! At the airport, in the fitness center where I work, even on the street! They take pictures with me, they say they read or heard about me. However, I want to emphasize: this is not just my confession. In my opinion, over the past few months, the recognition of our sport has increased significantly. In Poland and in many other countries. Yes, my growing popularity is the result of it. This plan for the coming months and the new popularity give me a strong motivation. Thanks to the Top-8 arm wrestling firmly entrenched in other countries. What we saw in Malaysia, for example, is impressive!

Do you, as an athlete, now possess more knowledge than, for example, in 2017?

- Much more! I, to put it correctly, became smarter, more experienced and more coordinated. I think the last fight taught me a lot. Now in Kyiv, I saw the students of Andrey Pushkar. I was told that have not good quality: when something goes wrong, I cannot decide to change the pulling technique, I wait and lose strength. And for this I just need to grow up. I hope that this way — wiser in the fight — I will become now.

Well, let's move on to the opponent in the second round. Dmitry Trubin. How did you accept the draw?

- Easy, because everyone is strong. Trubin has not performed very well lately, but this may be temporary. He is a great sportsman and he has Todd and even Andrey among the losers... and this is just a recommendation! He is “big” and fits me very well, because I prefer to pull with big, heavy opponents. Now I will train, among other things, with an emphasis on endurance, and I think that today I am in good shape and will take full advantage of the remaining time to pulling.

Do you like to travel?

– I like traveling, sightseeing, meeting other people, their customs and culture.

When you "go home" - is it to Kyiv or Warsaw?

- For many years now, when I say “I am going or returning home”, I mean Warsaw. True, I am going to Kyiv as a place of childhood and youth, to the “good old places”, and the house is already in Warsaw.

Thank you for the interview and I wish you calm preparation for Dmitry!

- Thanks, and best regards to the fans.


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