Malaysia joins IFA >>>

Malaysia joins IFA # Armwrestling #

Malaysian Armwrestling Federation withdraw WAF membership.


Malaysia Armwrestling Federation (MYARM) is the governing body of armwrestling in Malaysia and until present still the legal member of World Armwrestling Federation (WAF). We have been member of WAF since 2014 via Putrajaya Armwrestling Association and then switched to MYARM in 2017. 

Throughout the years we have developed the sports in Malaysia and supported WAF in terms of technical personnel (Referees), organized World Armwrestling Championship in Malaysia (WAC 2015 Kuala Lumpur) and the National team (World Armwrestling Championship 2015-2018). 
However, we are not satisfied with last decisions made by WAF and WAF executive board since 2015, including below:

1. Unlawful License fee of EUR150,000 for World Armwrestling Championship 2015 organization (PAID). According to WAF regulations member-countries pay EUR 3000 only to host world championship and we came to know that information after 2015. 

2. Unconditional bans of athletes, referees, organizers and countries that related with PAL/URPA professional armwrestling events.

3. WAF has banned our local international charity tournament “Premier 101 International Championship 2019” which caused serious material breach. 

4. Unconstitutional removal of Poland as 2019 World Armwrestling Championship Host. 

5. Unfair treatment by WAF executive boards to WAF Master Referee Mr. Zil Fadli and Senior Referee Goh Thian Weai (Flight reimbursment).

6. Asian Armwrestling Federation penaltize MYARM the sum of EUR2000 for fail to attend Asian Armwrestling Championship for 2 years consecutively (Unconstitutional). 

However, since MYARM paid the membership fee in 2018 (expires in October 2019), and there is no official ban, termination or removal letter from WAF, our membership is still valid. Therefore, we will leave the membership status as it is until further notice. 

Since one of the main goals of MYARM is to popularize Malaysia armwrestling and athletes at the international arena, the federation is making every effort to use the potential of international democratic sports associations to achieve this goal. Therefore, MYARM decided to join the newly formed International Armwrestling Federation (IFA). This steps will open new oppoturnities in international exchange of athletes, sports educational programs and also local armwrestling development. 
MYARM will continuously develop the sport in Malaysia and protect equal approach to athletes from different countries and fair game at any level.